< Airport Vortex Hike - a bit of a scramble to the Airport vortex


< Baldwin Trail Hike  - nice view of Cathedral Rock along Oak Creek


 < Boynton Canyon Hike - very popular canyon hike (vortex area)  (A FAVORITE HIKE)


 < Boynton Vista Trail - a short hike to a vortex


<Chuck Wagon Hike - a pleasant hike with great views and partial shade


< Coffeepot Rock Trail  - an easy in-town hike to the base of Coffeepot Rock


< Cowpies Hike  -  views of unique rock formations and red rocks 


< Deadman's Pass to Boynton Vista (Vortex Site)   - a hike near Boynton Canyon to a Vortex Site


< Fay Canyon Hike  - a favorite canyon hike for views (A FAVORITE HIKE)


< Hanonki Indians Ruins - probably one of the best Indian Ruins in the Sedona Area


< Kelly Canyon/Pumphouse Wash - a hike through a ponderosa pine forest in the high country


 <Llama Trail Hike  - views of Cathedral, Bell and Lee Mountain (vortex area) (A FAVORITE HIKE)


<Mayan Maiden - a short hike to view a unique rock formation with great views of Cathedral Rock


 < Palatki Indian Ruins  - outstanding ruins and rock art


 < Red Mountain - a pleasant stroll to the center of an extinct volcano 25 miles northwest of Flagstaff


 <Submarine Rock - a hike to a very large rock formation with panoramic views all around


 < V-Bar-V Petroglyph Hike    - excellent prehistoric rock art


< West Clear Creek Hike - a bit of a drive but a nice hike along a pleasant creek 


< West Fork Hike  - follows creek, views, cool in Summer (A FAVORITE HIKE)


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Great Sedona Hikes
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