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Here's a number of photos taken by members of our hiking group on their travels around Arizona, the U. S. and the world, and some photos of Sedona Sights taken by visitors.  When possible I've added a caption from the source of the photo.



Sunrise and Squirrel at Red Rock Crossing

   On our trip to Sedona, I took these photos at Red Rock Crossing. The sunrise was marvelous and we had a visitor waiting for us in the parking area when we returned to our car.  Sree Remella



A Snowy Day In Oak Creek Canyon

    On our recent February visit to Sedona, we were treated to one of the area's few snowfalls. This photo was taken as we drove back to Sedona from Oak Creek Canyon, just crossing Midgley Bridge. What a beautiful drive!!  Jennifer




The Full Moon Over The Red Rocks

   Taken in January around 4:45 pm when full moon rising in east, with the sun setting in west illuminating the red rocks,

from highway 179 about 2 miles north of the VOC, just before the second scenic overlook (going north) and  the first roundabout. A once a month opportunity! Lou



Monsoon Lightening Over Courthouse Butte

    When the summer monsoon season comes we get some spectacular lightening shows. Lou



Return of the Bobcat

      In February we had a bobcat walk through our back yard. In August it returned and laid around for about 20 minutes before leaving. David



Antelope Canyon

These photos from Antelope Canyon only begin to describe the beauty of this special place. David



The Little Horse

This is not Sedona--Hart's Prairie on way to Grand Canyon, past the snow bowl. The Little Horse was carved by the Basques who grazed their sheep in Flagstaff in summer and brought them down to Verde Valley in winter. Helen



Canyon Mesa Country Club

This is the 9th hole at Canyon Mesa Country Club, in the Village of Oak Creek. It's a beautiful view from the elevated tee. Bill



Cathedral Rock in Fog

This photo of Cathedral Rock was taken out our front window just after a rain. Darryl



Before the Storm

Just before the sun set one evening, the sky turned into these beautiful colors (and it rained like mad the next day!). Bill



November Sunset

These photos of the sunset over Cathedral Rock were taken in November from my front yard. Helen



Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore is an awe-inspiring place. It makes one realize how great this country is. Bill




View Over Jerome

SR 89A in the Black Hills, West of Jerome, with an impressive view of the Verde Valley and the Red Rocks of Sedona. (Photo by Lou, Text by Jacob)




Inca Dove

  This photo was taken northeast of Phoenix ( 32 mi from Apache Junction on Apache Trail/route 88, a "scenic byway") at the Apache Lake marina/resort, a beautiful area on the Salt River in the Superstition mountains of Tonto National Park. A magnificent drive. Lou



Photos From Around Sedona

  Here are a few photos I took while in Sedona recently.  Mark



Oak Creek Canyon

These are a few of the sights to see in beautiful Oak Creek Canyon.  Eric

  -Snow view from the Village of Oak Creek looking north towards Sedona at Capitol Butte, Cathedral Rock, Wilson Mountain and Castle Rock. Lou

  Oak Creek Canyon (SR 89A). Lou

  Oak Creek Canyon (SR 89A) coming into uptown Sedona. Lou

  Cathedral rock from Upper Red Rock Loop Road (note lava/basalt that passed thru center of formation to form a small volcano). Lou

  View east from airport vortex. Lou

  View down road from airport towards vortex. Lou


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