You are responsible for

your safety during visits

to Back Country Areas !

Do You Have?

> Map of the area you are visiting or have referenced one.

> A copy of Great Sedona Hikes with the latest trail conditions.

> A compass and know how it works.

> Flashlight w/ extra batteries. .

> Extra food and water.

> Change of warm clothes and space blanket.

> Cell phone (phones may not work in backcountry)

> First aid. kit and supplies

> Good boots, knife, signa1 mirror, matches, etc.

Things to Think About  

> Does anyone know where you are?  

> You and those with you may be your only rescue.

> Current and expected weather conditions? .

> Stay together and wait for one another. . .

> Pace yourself & know your limits!

 > Be familiar with local animals and plants.

> Contact land managers about area information.

> Nature is always changing and unpredictable!

These are only recommendations offering only a partial list of items and ideas necessary for a successful backcountry trip.  

Source: U.S. Forest Service

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