V-Bar-V Petroglyph Hike

NOTE: V-Bar-V will be closed from January 31, 2020 until March 1, 2020 for site upgrades

The following summary information is to help with hike selection and is not intended to be used for hiking the trail.

Summary:  A short hike to the largest example of petroglyphs in the area

Challenge Level:  Easy

Hiking Distance:  About 1 mile round trip

Trailhead Location:  The parking area is located off of FR 618 about 20 miles south of Sedona

Description:  The V-Bar-V petroglyph site is a unique experience. It is an easy 1/2 mile hike from the Visitor Center to the rock art site (but gets very muddy in wet weather). The views of prehistoric rock art are excellent. Note that the site is open Friday - Monday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm.

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 For those of you who have a GPS unit, I have the GPS data available for the hike.


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