So What is a vortex anyway?


If you are coming to Sedona with the thought of visiting and experiencing a vortex, you are certainly not alone. It's estimated that about half the visitors to Sedona are interested in seeing if they can experience a vortex. After extensive research on the subject, we've put together a Vortex Guide. This vortex guide will help you understand the history of vortexes and what they are all about. By having a greater understanding, you will have a better chance to experience what some call the greatest experience they have ever had.


The area that comprises what we now call Sedona has always been a special place. The beautiful red rock sculptures were formed millions of years ago through the ebb and flow of ancient seas, sand and wind. Thousands of years ago, native peoples came to Sedona in search of food, shelter and a peaceful existence. Even then, native peoples considered Sedona a special place and performed their ceremonies under the watchful eye of the red rocks.

The term "vortex" as applied to the energy spots around Sedona is generally credited to Page Bryant who, in 1980, was told by her teacher "Albion" that there are special places around Sedona where the life force of the earth is especially strong. Page Bryant credited Albion with calling these special areas vortexes, although she is usually given that credit.

Over the years, other vortex locations have been identified. Today, four locations are considered to be the main Sedona vortexes: Boynton Canyon, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Airport Mesa. But that does not mean that you can only experience a vortex at those specific locations. Rather you could experience a vortex at any of the other potential vortexes as well as the four "main vortexes." Foe additional information on the other "power spots" click here.


The Vortex Guide includes four detailed maps to the main Sedona vortexes.


In addition, the Vortex Guide includes detailed explanations of these four main vortexes - Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Boynton Vista and Cathedral Rock as well as a detailed explanation of vortexes. The Vortex Guide is available for download (you print out the pages).

The cost is $4.95 for the download.

Once you make your PayPal payment, you'll shortly receive a file from us containing the four vortex maps/explanations. It's not automatic so there may be a slight delay. We like to make sure you receive the file and be able to answer any questions you may have. After you download the file, you can print the maps and begin your vortex experience.

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